Friday, April 26, 2013

Ashiru: My meeting with John Kerry

Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Olugbenga Ashiru, said modalities for the exchange of visits between Presidents Goodluck Jonathan and Barack Obama formed part of his discussion with U.S. Secretary of State, Mr John Kerry. He told newsmen shortly after a closed door meeting with the U.S. Secretary of State, Mr John Kerry, that the two presidents would exchange visits.Olugbenga Ashiru -John-Kerry
The minister did not give further details of the proposed exchange of visits.
“I was able to brief him (Kerry) on the development in Nigeria, on what we are doing to revamp the economy, to reposition all the strategic sectors, agriculture, power, energy, petroleum, transportation and development of infrastructure in the country. And that we are doing very well, our programme is on course and I also expressed thanks to him for what they (U.S.) are doing, the investment flowing into the country from the USA, especially in agriculture and the power sector.
“All these programmes and investment will help to create jobs for our people in the country, particularly for the teeming youths of our country.”
The minister emphasised that Kerry noted that Nigeria was U.S. strategic partner and that it would continue to support Nigeria in tackling the Boko Haram insurgency.
Ashiru said the U.S. Secretary described the activities of Boko Haram as challenges Nigeria must face, adding that the government was doing its best.
“But I thank him for the support they have given us in the past. Then, we discussed the situation in Mali; we are unified in our belief that we must not allow any part of that sub region to destabilise our country or the region,’’ he said.

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