Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Govt to register Ladipo Market traders

As part of the measures to identify genuine traders at Aguiyi Ironsi International Trade Centre, the auto spare parts arm of Ladipo Market, Mushin, Lagos, the government has designed forms to register the traders.

The spare parts market was reopened on Monday for commercial activities after being shut since February 25, 2013 when the entire Ladipo market was shut down for constituting environmental nuisance.
As a precondition for the reopening of the market, the traders on Saturday carried out environmental sanitation supervised by Chairman of Mushin Local Government Mr. Babatunde Adepitan.
Adepitan said, “A form has been designed to identify genuine traders in the market. Let us know your shop number, your name and have your passport photographs.
“The report reaching me is that those who are causing trouble in the market do not have a shop there.”
Adepitan said AIITC is about the largest section of markets in Ladipo,stressing that the interest of the traders is very paramount to the government.
He said, “The involvement of our government is to bring sanity into the market. No individual has the right to collect government’s money and dispense it at his own free will.”
He said the agreement the LG entered into with Paramo Investment was still valid.
He urged the traders to cooperate fully with the leadership of Paramo in order to generate revenue for the government.
He added, “We appreciate your understanding in the past months. For those who had their shops looted, the law shall catch up with the perpetrators.
“We have made adequate security arrangement that will cater for all thetraders. Kindly cooperate with them and do your business peacefully. Cleanyour surroundings always.”
Meanwhile, some traders kicked against the forms.
An auto spare parts dealer, who identified himself as Christian, said he would stand by the committee set up by Governor Babatunde Fashola after his meeting with prominent Igbo leaders on how to resolve the problems in the market.
Christian said, “Is Adepitan a trader to design forms for the traders? As far as I am concerned, there is nothing like forms. I am just hearing about it. Is it his responsibility to do so?
“Though the market is within his jurisdiction, it is not for him to terrorise thetraders. Ask him if he can identify the traders there. We are standing by the committee set up by the governor.”
He added that they would, however, abide by it if the instruction was from the governor.
Another trader, who craved anonymity, urged the LG chairman to work with the traders’ association to be able to achieve the desired result.
“A situation whereby you are sidelining the traders and designing a form for them won’t achieve the intended purpose,” he said.

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