Thursday, June 13, 2013

Instil discipline in police, Jonathan tells Okiro


ABUJA—President Goodluck Jonathan, yesterday, challenged the Police Service Commission to instil discipline in the force and ensure that only those qualified to be promoted to the next position got promoted.
Speaking at inauguration of members of Police Service Commission at the council chambers of the Presidential Villa in Abuja, President Jonathan wondered why members of the Nigeria Police Force performed so well on international assignment and were yet unable to win the confidence of Nigerians.
He said:  “One thing and probably I will mention here today is the issue of Nigerian Police. You will agree with me that Nigerians don’t have so much confidence in the Nigerian police but Nigerian police are good.
“The Nigerian Police that work outside under the United Nations are highly honoured, highly commended and Okiro will agree with me. But once we come back home that is not reflected in what we do.
”But I believe there are two things, one is the issue of discipline and the responsibilities of the Police Service Commission is to instil discipline.
“One of your responsibilities is to handle promotion. I believe with you only those who merit or deserve promotion should be promoted. Those who deserve to be disciplined or even dismissed must be disciplined.
“That is one area I believe you will go into. People who are promoted to assistant police commissioner and above must merit the rank. If you don’t merit the rank you should be retired from the service”.
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