Saturday, June 22, 2013

Taraba Governor’s Mental State Of Health [Video]

We have just discovered through an America online news magazine that theNeurological doctors treating Governor Danbaba Suntai of Taraba State in the United States have told his family and the state government footing his medical bills the governor cannot return to normal state of mental health that would enable him to function as a governor. The State government has spent close to $3.5 million on Mr. Suntai’s treatment in the US alone.

Mr. Suntai, according to information, first received treatment at the famousJohn Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, before moving to arehabilitation center in upstate New York, both of which have reportedly given up on the chances of full recovery of Mr. Suntai. In October 2012, he survived an air crash near Yola Airport and was flown to Germany fortreatment for brain injuries
A source said thatt when Mr. Suntai was brought in from Germany, he had swelling in his brain and had lost significant control of his ability to recognize people or speak coherently. The source also described the governor as drooling like a baby. You may now imagine the kind of mental state he’s despite all the money he has in his account.
After several months of treatment in the US the doctors have now told Mr. Suntai’s family and the deputy governor of Taraba State who came visiting two weeks ago that Mr. Suntai be sent home to manage his condition as there is nothing more that can be done to heal him medically.
At a meeting with his Deputy two weeks ago, Mr. Suntai was seen in photographs laughing out loud, but our medical sources said he repeats anything told to him several times until he is told to stop.

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