Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Traffic law difficult to enforce —LASTMA


Lagos State Traffic Management Authority has said it is very difficult to enforce the state’s traffic law because most ofmotorists are heady.
The Director, Legal Services, Mrs. Margeret Adewale, said in the course of trying to enforce the law, both motorists and enforcement agents had sustained varying degrees ofinjuries.
Adewale stated this while addressing LAGBUS drivers at a training session titled, ‘Performance Improvement Programme for Bus Captains’ in Lagos on Monday.
The LAGBUS drivers had complained that motorists were fond of taking the lanes designated for the BRT and had in the process undermined efficiency of the system.
Adewale however said the drivers should remain diligent and try as much as possible to work even with the constraints.
She said, “We are largely uncivilised in this country in the sense that we do not have regard for our neighbours. The law states that only BRT buses should use the designated lane and when we try to enforce this, some motoristsbecome violent. Some even use dangerous weapons on our men.
“Enforcement has been difficult. Both motorists and LASTMA officials have been injured in the course of enforcing the law and there are many of such cases in court right now. Even when we make arrests, after sometime, offenders go back to their old ways.”
Adewale urged LAGBUS drivers to take pictures of motorists plying the BRT lane instead of challenging them.
“You have to be efficient even amid this challenge. Let your conductors take pictures or write down registration numbers of errant motorists and send them to us so that we can arrest them,” she said.
She also urged the drivers to abstain from alcohol and ensure that the buseswere kept clean.
“Abstain from alcohol because this affects driving. Remember that you are playing the role of God when you are driving because the lives of many people depend on you,” she said.

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