Sunday, June 9, 2013

We want Christian Lagos governor in 2015 — Cleric


The Director of Civic and Political Affairs of the Diocese of Lagos Mainland of the Anglican Communion, Venerable Folarin Shobo, has urged Lagos residents to vote in a Christian as governor of the state in 2015.
In a statement on Friday, Shobo said Lagos residents could not afford to continue with the present political arrangement whereby political officers were largely people of a particular faith.
While noting that Governor Raji Fashola has done well in improving on the infrastructure of the state, he said, “It is time for power to shift in the state. It is time for us to have people who will continue to rule with the fear of God and respect for the rule of law.
“There is a strong need for genuine internal democracy among the parties that will produce a credible candidate come 2015.”
Shobo urged Christians in the state to show interest in partisan politics, saying Christians who have a flair for politics should get ready for the 2015 elections.
He however noted that getting political power was not a do-or-die affair, but that Christians need to change the political status quo in the state.
He said, “It is not fair to have a government that is largely tilted to people of a particular religion. Christians over the years have been magnanimous enough. We have worked for people who are not of our faith and we have supported them to be in government. It is now time for us to come out and take the bull by the horns.
“The battle for Lagos State will not come easy. It will take patience, perseverance and strong will. It will take fasting and praying and it will take the readiness of men and women who have interest in politics.”
Shobo argued that politics and religion go hand in hand and called on church leaders to begin to sensitise their members to take up the gauntlet and vie for political positions in the state.
He said it was unfortunate that none of the five people being tipped to succeed Governor Babatunde Fashola is a Christian.
“Asking for a Christian governor in Lagos State at this time is not out of place. It is long overdue and it is time we began to do something about it,” he said.

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