Saturday, May 11, 2013

Nigeria records 5% decline in exam malpractice

Nigeria recorded five per cent decline in examination malpractice in 2012, according to the Nigeria National Exam Ethics Index rating, the News Agency of Nigeria reports.

The rating is contained in the 2012 Exam Ethics Report released on Thursday in Abuja by the Exam Ethics Marshals, a Non-Governmental Organisation.
The report, signed by the Chairman, Exam Ethics Marshals, Mr. Ike Onyechere, indicated that “the Nigeria National Exam Ethics Index for 2012 is 82.”
“This is a decline from an index of 86 in 2011, indicating a five per cent decline in examination malpractice in the country,” it said.
In state rankings, the report said Yobe and Bauchi states and the FCT emerged first, second and third respectively.
According to the report, the best states in zonal ranking are: FCT for North Central, Yobe for North East, Kano State for North West, Abia for South East, Oyo State for South West and Edo for South-South.
“The South-South Zone emerged as No 1 Zone in exam malpractice ranking, with Sokoto, Ekiti and Imo states emerging 1st, 2nd and 3rd runners-up respectively in the 2012 examination malpractice ranking of states.”
The report said the performance showed that the campaign to eradicate examination malpractice and entrench good ethics was achieving positive results.
“The EEI is calculated based on the composite number of candidates, principals, teachers, supervisors, invigilators and schools sanctioned for malpractices by public examination bodies for the period and geo-political unit under consideration.
“It is the measure of the number of candidates and examination administrators that respected the rules and regulations of examinations out of every 100 that participated in such examinations,” it noted.

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