Tuesday, June 25, 2013

EXPOSED: How Airtel Treats Nigerian Workers As Slaves In Nigeria

The news making the rounds about Airtel, one of Nigeria’s telecommunication companies is not a palatable one. Mi5 learnt that virtually all companies owned by Indians, has practically turned into slave camps with severaldictatorship activities going on in there.

Mi5 was informed that the Banana Island headquarters of the company is the playground where the various sadistic strategies been meted on Nigerian employees are put into final strategy. Presently, jobs of staffers are no longer guaranteed.
So bad is it that employees are said to be getting sacked on a regular basis, as Airtel seeks to cut cost by sacking experienced staffers and employing fresh graduates with Ordinary National Diploma (OND) to handle strategic positions that demands so much experience.
According to a source, ‘Little wonder, their services are very epileptic and so annoying’. According to an insider, who spoke with Mi5, the situation has degenerated so much that staffers salaries are being cut down, while their working hours have increased.
The source, told us that gone are the days when employees of the firm used to enjoy the special welfare packages of the company, as all those are now history.
Another source stated that since the Lagos customer care of the company relocated to Abeokuta, Ogun State, a lot of its staffers have had to resign mostly married women, as they were told to either shape in or be ship out.
You will recall that some time ago, thousands of people were sacked by Airtel, when they relocated their Abuja customer care centre from Abuja to Ibadan leading to a riot of sort. Not too long ago, a wage slash also took place withsalaries cut down by over 400 percent.
As it is now, the situation is such that a routine sacking exercise is carried out once in a while and employees of the company resume to their post daily wondering who would be axed next.
Efforts by Mi5 to get a reaction from Airtel proved abortive, as Emails sent to the duo of and were not responded to as at time of going to press.
So, if your relative is a staff of Airtel, you need to knee down and pray.‬
Source: Mi5

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